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The Best Action Figure Display Cases: A Complete Guide To Acrylic and Glass Display Cases

There are many different ways to display your action figure collection, which can range from just providing proper protection to really showing off what you have. As collectors it is important to take the time to find what works best for you.

This article breaks down the different action figure display cases available and how each type can be beneficial to you.

Whether you have loose figures, carded action figures or larger statues we have put together a guide that will give you some great options we have found.

If you are looking for storage options we also highlight some great plastic cases to protect your collectibles from damages when storing.

But when it comes to putting your action figure collection on full display, acrylic and glass are the two main types of display cases and we highlight the best options for you in this guide.

So, what is acrylic?

Piece Of Acrylic

Piece Of Acrylic

Acrylic is a hard clear plastic material that is very durable. It is strong against physical contact making it a great material to be used to make a plethora of things including protective barriers in hockey rinks, motorcycle visor helmets and display cases.

While Plexiglass is the most widely available brand of acrylic there are many different brands of acrylic available, such as PolyCast and Lucite.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Display Cases

When it comes to display cases for action figures there are many benefits to using acrylic cases. Since it is very durable and strong it is less likely that your case will break from falling or some other physical contact. This means the longevity of your acrylic case can last for many years.

It is also a very lightweight material and in some cases can be much more inexpensive than similar glass displays.

There is one major drawback to using acrylic for displaying your collection though.

It is not scratch resistant.

That can be a huge problem for a collector if you have your case in an area that may get a ton of traffic with the potential of things scraping across your display case. You can use paste wax or routine buffing to lessen the appearance of the scratches making the upkeep a little more than some may want. For these reasons you may consider a glass display instead.

Pros and Cons of Glass Display Cases

Glass has a very high scratch resistance, which makes it a great material for displaying your collection if you have kids or your collection is in a high traffic area.

Being a more expensive material it does give a higher quality look that can add to your display, especially for larger more expensive pieces. Since it is a much heavier material it is better used as a more permanent option to display your collection.

The biggest drawback with glass is its ability to break into a million pieces with physical contact.

What options are out there?

To start, let’s take a look at a basic plastic display case that is great for helping store your carded figures and will keep out the elements.

Plastic Display Cases for Action Figures

Protech Star Cases are known in the industry as being a great plastic covering for all sizes and kinds of still packaged and carded action figures.

Star Case 1

A standard design that fits action figures that are 6-inches wide by 9-inches tall and the case measures 2.25-inches deep. They work well for vintage Star Wars, G.I. Joe and many more.

Protech Star Case 1 Action Figure Display Case

Star Case 2

A much deeper design package to give you a little more space. This case fits well for the same still packaged action figures as the Star Case 1.

Protech Star Case 2 Action Figure Display Case

Star Case 4

A “universal” design that is very similar in dimensions to the Star Case 1 design but has bubbles that extend to the lower edges of the card.

Protech Star Case 4 Action Figure Display Case

Star Case 5

An upgraded version of a display case that fits newer packaged Star Wars Legacy figures and smaller carded figures measuring roughly 5.5-inches wide by 8.5-inches tall.

Protech Star Case 5 Action Figure Display Case

Star Case 6

The Star Case 6 plastic display case is specifically made for protecting your Star Wars Black Series 3.75-inch action figures.

Protech Star Case 6 Action Figure Display Case

These types of plastic cases are great for storing for personal collectors and displaying carded figures if you are a dealer that has a store.

But while these display cases are great for their own reasons they might not always be the most beautiful looking. If you are looking for a sleeker display that really shows off your figures, this is where acrylic and glass come in.

Acrylic Display Cases for Action Figures

APEX Action Figure and Collectibles Display Case

This massive acrylic box case weighs in at 7 pounds and comes with removable clear shelves that make this a very versatile display case.

By removing the shelves, you can display and protect larger figures, or use the shelves to display multiple loose 3 3/4″ action figures.

The APEX Action Figure Display Cases are stackable, as well, so as your collection grows, you can continue displaying all your figures in a neat and orderly fashion.

APEX Action Figure Display Case by SMALLJOES

Sixth Scale and Larger Figure Display Cases

Supreme Action Figure Display Case

This display is a very sleek high quality display case that is actually four separate pieces of clear acrylic that come together with slots in the black top and bottom pieces.

It also features a compartment in the top, which snaps on and off with magnets, to store extra pieces that come with your figure.

It that measures 11-inches by 11-inches by 16-inches and weighs about 6 pounds on its own.

Supreme Action Figure Display Case

Elite E-01 LED Lighted Figure Display Case

A similar display to the one above is this Elite E-01 acrylic display case for sixth scale figures, which also features lighting within. With the added lighting feature it is extra tall measuring 16-inches tall by 11-inches wide and 7.5-inches deep.

There are 4 bright LED spotlights on the top and 4 on the bottom held within metal housings inside the actual display case.

It also includes a back panel that can be used to show a black background or a mirrored background to give your display an added sense of style.

There is some light assembly with the lighting, but overall is a great way to make your figure pop!

Elite E-01 LED Lighted Figure Display Case

Display Case for Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figures

Another lighted display option that has a little more subtly with its lighting is this Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figure acrylic display case.

This case looks like a clear box with a nice wooden base and lights that are within the base itself. There is light assembly to insert the lights and according to their product description they can make specific sizes to order as well.

Display Case for Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figures

Lighted Display Case by Legend Studio

If you are looking for a slightly larger size lighted acrylic display case by Legend Studio offers a beautiful sleek version that is powered by 3 AAA batteries or through a USB adapter.

This X-large size case is great for slimmer 1/4 scale collectibles and can be a great option to display figure where you may to have an outlet accessible.

The LED lights are strategically places 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom to give off a museum quality look for your display.

Lighted Display Case by Legend Studio

Wall Mounted Display Cases for Action Figures

If your walls are bare and you are looking for a different way to display your figures other than on your shelves, we found a few great mounted wall displays that can show off single or multiple figures.

Deluxe Acrylic Bobblehead or Figure Display Case with UV Protection

This Deluxe Acrylic Figure Display Case is a great option and very simple looking. It can not only be used to display on your shelf but you can choose the option for a removable black back that mounts directly to your wall.

The wall mounted version measures 5.5-inches by 5.5-inches by 9.5 inches to fit a single figure quite nicely. The acrylic is also UV protected to make sure there is minimal discoloration for anything you have displayed within it.

Deluxe Acrylic Bobblehead or Figure Display Case with UV Protection

Acrylic Wall Mount Action Figure Display Case by GameDay Display

If you are looking for the same style as above, but for sixth scale figures then this might be the case for you.

This case measures 14.125-inches tall by 5.25-inches deep by 7.125-inches wide and is completely clear aside from the black wall mounted backing.

You can create some great floating effects with these displays and truly show off your figures with some style.

Acrylic Wall Mount Action Figure Display Case by GameDay Display

Blazon Displays Action Figures Display Case for 3 3/4″ Scale Figures

For multiple figures that measure about 3 3/4-inches we found a great wall display that can help house and keep your loose figures safe. It includes multiple levels and mounts directly to your wall so you don’t have to worry about anyone knocking over your display of loose figures that might be worth a lot.

The case measures 16-inches wide by 3.5-inches deep by 31-inches tall, weighs about 7 pounds and features a magnetic closure of the front clear panel for easy access to your figures. This can also be a great space saving option for anyone living in small spaces that still want to be able to display their figures with style.

Blazon Displays Action Figures Display Case for 3 3:4 Scale Figures

Blazon Displays Action Figures Display Case for 6″ Figures

There’s also this similar wall mounted option for 6-inch scale figures by Blazon Displays.

This display case is very similar to the one above but the shelves inside are spaced to fit larger loose 6″ figures.

This is a really clean and nice looking display that can be helpful for anyone living in a small space.

Blazon Displays Action Figures Display Case for 6 Figures

Star Wars Action Figure Display Cases

The always popular Star Wars franchise continues to flood the market with high quality collectibles and action figures. If you’re an avid Star Wars collector then you should take a look at these displays to help keep your collection in pristine condition.

Star Wars Carded Figure “A” Acrylic Display Case

For your vintage Star Wars carded figures we found this single acrylic display case measuring 10-inches x 7-inches x 1.5-inches. These cases are handcrafted, super clear and feature bending angles to better light your collectibles within.

Star Wars Carded Figure A Acrylic Display Case

Star Wars Black Series 6-inch Boxed Action Figure Acrylic Display Case

Another great display case is this super clear acrylic display case made to fit the 6-inch Star Wars Black Series action figures in their original boxes.

This case will fully cover the entire packaging to keep you collectible from dented corners and other damages. It measures 5.5-inches x 2-inches x 9-inches and is virtually invisible with an action figure within it.

There is a slight space on the bottom that can also elevate your figure if you have it displayed on a shelf for a clearer view of the bottom of your packaged collectible.

Star Wars Black Series 6-inch Boxed Action Figure Acrylic Display Case

Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Carded Action Figure Acrylic Display Case

Similar to the vintage carded figure clear acrylic display above, this case is specifically designed to fit the brand new 40th anniversary Star Wars Black Series carded action figures.

Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Carded Action Figure Acrylic Display Case

Glass Display Cases for Action Figures

If you are looking for an option other than acrylic to display your action figures, anime figures or statues without just placing them on a shelf, a glass display case is another great choice. Since these tend to be larger furniture pieces they are usually more sturdy than acrylic and will hold the weight of most larger scale figures or statues.


Probably the most popular option we found is made by IKEA.

This glass case is called the Detolf and features a black base and top with three shelves within. The entire cabinet is glass and can be outfitted with a light under the top of the shelf.

Because the entire case is clear glass you can easily place this cabinet and get a good view from many angles of whatever you are displaying.

This cabinet measures 16 ¾ -inches wide by Depth: 14 ⅜-inches deep by 64 ⅛-inches high and can hold a max of 8lbs on each shelf within.

IKEA Detolf

Coaster Modern Contemporary Glass Curio Cabinet

We also found a slightly smaller yet very similar glass cabinet with three shelves within. It measures 14-inches wide by 17-inches deep by 63-¾-inches high and is slightly cheaper than the Detolf.

Coaster Modern Contemporary Glass Curio Cabinet

There are of course a plethora of more options out there and many companies offer custom options that can make it very easy for collectors to find displays that fit exactly what they need.

Plastic cases are great for proper storage of your collectibles while acrylic and glass displays can offer more aesthetically pleasing looks. There are many advantages to finding a great acrylic display, but for larger statues, and for a scratch resistant case, glass might make a better option for you.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to find a good display case for your action figure collection, we hope this guide is a great starting place for you.

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