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Galactus Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles Unboxing & Review

Check out this Galactus Maquette unboxing and review.


Hey, what’s up, guys. Got a special review today. Per request, this is my very first HD video. I’ve only got 24 minutes, so I got to do this fast. I only got a certain size memory card. January has been a crazy year for me– month for me, sorry. I kind of went statue buying crazy, and I got seven statues this month. This is the final one. Took a while to come in. Old piece, it’s the Galactus Maquette. Can you guys see that in the camera? Yes, you can. There you go. It’s been out a while. I’ve always liked this character. To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about Galactus. I know obviously, he’s in the Silver Surfer universe storyline. I always really liked his design. For me, being an artist, that kind of stuff appeals to me a lot. But as you guys know, in statue collecting, you’ve got be careful not to buy every single thing that looks cool because too much shit comes out.

This piece was acquired through the forums on Facebook, so I want to give a shout out to Manny Singh that hooked me up with this. I’m also going to do a tour through my collection. Hopefully, this week, I’ll try to get a video out. Also, for those of you who noticed that were used to following me on my old YouTube account, I changed YouTube accounts because I didn’t want to have my personal and art-related videos on the same as my statues – just want to have those separate. I’m going to try to do this officially. Try to post videos here and there as I go along. Maybe it’ll help somebody decide if they want to purchase something. That’s funny. You can tell this is Manny because he put Manny Studios all over everything, so very good for him – cool, cool… I don’t even know if I care about this blue tape being on there. Just cut around it.

It looks like this is one of those multi-tiered boxes. Which I like because surprisingly, for this being a legendary-scale figure for a Maquette, it’s not that big of a box – which I prefer that. I hate storing those boxes. Same thing with the latest statues, I just think — and it gets too crazy. I don’t need my statue to be freaking 50 pounds. It’s impossible to move around. I feel like a good weight for a statue is 20 pounds. I like some heft to it, so it feels like– if I spend like $500 to $1,000 or whatever you spend on the statue, I want it to feel like I spent that much. If it’s a ten-pound piece, you kind of don’t feel the value, even if it does look– because you can get a great looking action figure, but that costs you $50. We’re moving. Fingers crossed. Please, nothing be broken.

Awesome. From pictures, this thing looked pretty damn cool, so I have fairly high expectations for it. From what I can see so far, it looks really vibrant – very, very cool. So for people in the future that buy this piece, I suggest you open the bottom first, because I think that’s where the base is. So now, I got to– can’t take them out yet, because you also have to know where to put them… Just got a lot of reviews of this guy already. So it’s good [inaudible], except you guys listening to my opinion – which I don’t know how much that matters. And if you want a Chinese guy’s perspective, then that’s why you watch. Let’s get this sucker off [inaudible]. Let’s go. Okay. [?], there’s other stuff too. Adapter, Silver Surfer, and Nova. Good, nothing’s broken. Doesn’t look like it. So make sure I’m in frame here. Let’s go ahead and move this down a little bit. There we go. It looks nice. Get my scissors out of the way.

At least, has some good way to it. Feels like maybe close to ten pounds. Looks like there’s sort of a mirrored purple finish underneath this rusted metal material. The rusted metal, it’s funny, it’s got a sort of like sand– feels like sand, rusty colored sand that’s been attached on top the silver – the gun metal… What’s this? Something [?]. For me, my pieced, purple underneath is loose from whatever bottom, which I think should be fine. It just sits down there. I don’t think it’s a big deal. There is no number on these. These are limited edition. So it was open edition, but they’re done making these now. I never know with sideshow if they can start making them again. Because they did that with the Iron Man bust, Mark VII bust. It’s right after I bought it on eBay, they started doing that. Just a little scratch on the bottom. It’s not a big deal. That stuff happens when you’re moving them around.

I do notice this. I don’t know if that’s– actually, that looks like it’s part of the design. Looks like a crack in the metal, but there’s orange dust on him. So maybe it’s fine. So weird, [?] I can’t tell if it really is part of it [chuckles]. Anyways… set them on the ground. Can see it, right? It’s all good. Start breaking out the [inaudible]. Take out the body. [inaudible] start from [amateurness?]. Yeah, just make sure he’s in the frame. Turn it around for you guys to see them. Honestly, I would’ve bought this guy a long ago, but this came out at the beginning of my collecting career. And I wasn’t ready to spend this kind of money yet on statues. Also, trying to hunt for bargains for a couple of hundred bucks, 250, 300 was quite a bit. But you know how that goes. It’s a slippery slope. Let’s see here.

There’s one peg on his right foot. Statue itself has a lot of texture on him. Kind of got that grit all over him. Nice paint scheme. I like this kind of grit and stuff on my statues. Makes it feel– actually, I don’t even know if you guys could really see it. This is going to be more of a– you guys see plenty of pictures and stuff online, so this will be my review reaction in boxing [inaudible]. It just goes into that one. Shit, it’s kind of hard to get there. I honestly don’t like pegs. I wish they could come up with a different solution other than pegs. I feel like they always get chipped at the hole. Most people don’t care about that stuff. They understand it’s just the way statues are, but it’s just for resale value and stuff. The less kind of issues, the better. You see that? I’ll get some close-up shots and stuff once he’s all assembled.

Looks like he comes with those little ear, wing antenna things. These are magnets. That’s good. I prefer that. Let’s see here. So one of the new pieces I got recently, The Iron Studios Iron Man, there was these shoulder plates for part of his armor, and they weren’t attached. And the way you attach it is– there’s no peg. It’s just a magnet– kind of sits on top of the shoulders. I loved it. I think it’s a great design. Like I said, there’s no scratching of the paint. It just sits on top. I don’t know if companies– when they don’t use magnets, I don’t know if magnets cost more than just doing a peg or something, so that’s why they don’t do it. But I definitely think companies should look into using more magnets. I think it’s a more elegant solution. Let’s see [?]. That’s not right. What’s this stuff? [inaudible]

Big props to Manny for not sending me a busted-ass piece [chuckles]. You never know, man. I’ve never been scammed, so I’m very fortunate, but I know people do get scammed. [?] Silver Surfer. These are really like plastic. Looks like just a little plastic toy, but they look really cool though. For its purpose – for it to fit in his hand and be able to float there – it’s got to be pretty light. I think it sells the effect very well. I wish that it was like– it’s sort of a dark gray spray paint and not really silver. It would be cool if he was chromed out, but I think that effect is still pretty awesome. Let’s put him in real quick, this little peg here. There’s a little chip in it, but I get it. I have to admit, I’m always kind of bad about looking over my figures when I buy them. I’m not really good at inspecting thoroughly. Sometimes a week later, I’ll notice, “Oh, yeah. That thing was broken [chuckles].” Because a lot of times, it’s not even the seller’s fault. They could’ve bought it broken, or it could have broken in shipping or whatever. It’s one of the hassles of having to buy and sell pieces that’s really annoying. It looks pretty awesome, Silver Surfer. I’ll do one with Nova, as well.


I’ll be displaying it with Silver Surfer because it’s for me. That’s the character that means more to me. The ultimate test is to see what my wife thinks when she comes home. I always use her as my barometer to see how nice a statue is. Cool, that’s awesome. So I’m going to put Silver Surfer back on. I’m going to give my initial reaction to this, like a score. Then, I’ll do one when I do my collection video a day or two from now, because it’s always– the way I feel about a piece when I first open it is different than when I open it later. It’s hard because you kind of excited when you first open a piece. All this flood of emotions come out, and it’s hard to completely judge something. I’m going to detach this, do some close-ups. Gosh, that wasn’t even in the frame. Terrible review. I’m going to do some close-ups to show you.

What’s up, guys? I’m back. Try to do some close-up paint. The paint has a lot of depth to it. Very, very nice reds, great details, lot of surface detail within the design itself. Let’s see just the paint [?] looks like real skin. It’s very, very cool.

Really nice design… Got no complaints whatsoever. Honestly, I really do feel like this is the perfect Galactus statue. There really isn’t a need to ever come out with another one. This represents the character beautifully. Certain characters don’t need to be overly aggressive in their pose. They can be more of a museum pose. I think that this is a really nice mix of being a museum pose, but the pose itself doesn’t feel static. Because a lot’s going on with his arms. You can feel he’s– something’s going on. It’s telling a story. You can see this shine that is on the material and everything. It’s really, really nice. Really couldn’t ask for more from a statue. For me, it’s just my lack of attachment to the character that doesn’t make it a perfect ten for me. But if I were to just judge it based off of a artistic standpoint, then I would say yes, it is a perfect statue – perfect ten.

Back from Silver Surfer there. Very, very cool. I love Silver Surfer’s pose here. Because to be honest, in the larger statues of him– I can’t really focus on him too well. It’s too small [chuckles]. The other pieces that have come out of Silver Surfer – whether it’s custom or licensed stuff from the sideshow – I’ve never been a huge fan of it, because I feel the poses to be a little bit awkward. And I think this little guy, he actually looks really cool because he looks really aggressive in his movement, like he’s flying through space. But I could see how that wouldn’t maybe work as a standalone statue… See all these cool details, up on top here. Looks like the inside of a watch.

I plan on trying to do more HD videos from here on out as well. When I do my room review, I will take requests. If any of you guys are interested in seeing particular pieces being reviewed in this way, I can shoot a video and post it up. Also, if any of you guys are wondering [chuckles] why the name Butttornado in my YouTube thread or channel, it’s been my gamer tag since I was in high school – more college, I guess – and it’s just stuck with me. I use it for Xbox or PC, that kind of thing. So if you ever want to play games with me, just look me up [chuckles]. Look up Butttornado.

All right, guys. I guess that’s it. That’s all of them. One thing I didn’t show earlier, he does come with a different face plate – I’ll come over here – with a stoic face. I’m guessing it just removes from his head. I’m not going to change him out though. I’m fine with the way he is. He does light up as well. I don’t have a set of printouts, so I’ll hook that up a little bit later. It comes with a adapter that just plugs into the side. So I’m going to set this up. I’ll do the review soon, and then you guys just let me know what you think. I guess to close out, I want to say that– like I said, this is a definite buy for any Galactus fan. I would say buy it, 100%. The going prices for him seem to be– he could auction off on eBay for about a thousand bucks, but that’s kind of annoying. You know how it is, having to hunt and wait for that, because sometimes it may go higher. The Buy Now prices are 13, $1,400. Based off of the going rate of statues nowadays, honestly, this guy’s a steal. Even if you were to get him for 13 or 1,400 bucks, I would say, he’s worth it in relation to the prices of other statues.

Now, knowing the value of him currently, I would say that a good price would be 1,100, 1,150 – something like that. I think you’d feel good that you found a deal. Otherwise, you can hunt and take your time, but you know how that is. So definite buy. If you’re just a Marvel fan, and you got the space, I would say get it. I don’t have the space, so I don’t know what the hell I’m thinking [chuckles]. I like buying stuff. But thanks for checking out my review, and see you guys next time.

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