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[threezero] Titanfall M-COR Ogre Figure

From the video game Titanfall comes the M-COR Ogre Collectible Figure by threezero.

The M-COR Ogre figure stands nearly 20 inches tall and features over 100 points of articulation.

Each figure includes real pistons which control the movement and the waist and the feet, ability to open the hatch with cockpit, movable armor plates on the torso and legs and light-up top, hips and afterburner with interchangeable red and blue lights.

Also included are accessories like 40MM Cannon with detachable ammo drum, articulated tri-missile launcher and a fully posable M-COR Ogre Pilot figure which stands approximately 6 inches tall. The Pilot figure can be positioned inside the Ogre’s cockpit and comes with detailed armor parts as well as an R97 Submachine Gun weapon accessory.

The M-COR Ogre Figure retails for $450.00 and if you order through the threezero store, your figure will come with an additional ARC Cannon weapon accessory.

Click here to order!

[threezero] Titanfall M-COR Ogre Figure

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