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[Review] Lady Deadpool Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya

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What is up everybody? This is Omegabalmung back again with another statue figure unboxing. Today, I got a pretty awesome statue from Kotobukiya. This is Lady Deadpool from their Marvel Bishoujo line. Awesome figures, as usual. I have a lot of them – if you can see further my right side there, I got a quite a few. Today we’re going to take a look at Lady Deadpool. We’re going to start out with the box here, real quick. We got the front of the box. We have a window that you can actually see into the box. Here you can see the figure. Then we get a little bit of artwork here. You might see a little bit of the accessories there. I’ll take a look at it later on. Like I said, Kotobukiya Marvel Bishoujo Statue.

On the side here, we have another artwork of what the statue is supposed to be based on. It is by Shunya Yamashita, who does a lot of the artworks for the Bishoujo line. They try to make the character a little bit closer to that. On the back here we have a look at the front of the statue. A little bit closer at what the statue looks like without the mask, and then this one has a mask. A look at the back of the statue. Then on the bottom here, as usual, we had a description of Lady Deadpool. Then on the left here we get a look at what’s coming up next, and I am super, super excited about this one. I can’t wait for that when they actually put out the picture for that final product. We’ll see how that looks. I am very excited for it. Hopefully they have two versions just like this one where it has the normal face, and then of course one without the mask. So that would be pretty awesome. On the other side here, we have the full artwork of what the statue is based on.

Let’s take a look at the statue next. All right folks, here’s a look at the statue. It is always PVC. A lot of the Kotobukiya stuff are PVC – a lot of Japanese stuff, I should say. You have a few that are resin, but most of that stuff is PVC. It is about nine inches tall, so from the base all the way to the top of her hand here. It is nine inches and it’s probably going to be even a little bit taller if she has this hair. A little bit taller, so nine, nine and a half – probably close to that. Like I said, that she does come with a few accessories. The one you can see the most right there is the one in her hand, which is a grenade. It has a little cool Deadpool picture on the grenade there. All you have to do is put the little tab into there and that’s pretty much it – and then the little peg, I should say. Then we have this face here. It did come in two pieces, so the hair here actually attaches there. Then all you have to do is pull the head off and that’s pretty much it.

On the other side here we have the another– which is probably what should be what she’s holding, because this is actually her mask. You could probably replace the tail on it. All you’d have to do is pull the peg out and that’s pretty much it, so pretty simple there. I’m going to do a quick spin of the statue here. Then I’ll do a quick swap of their heads and their hands there. Or it would have to just be the head there. Here’s the hands. I swapped them out. You’re going to see this bit there with the the mask. Now, it looks actually pretty cool. She’s now maskless, and that’s what the head is for. Do a quick spin here. Then, we’ll do one with the mask. Here we go with the mask on. I want to keep the grenade here. As usual, so that won’t be moving at all. But I want to do a quick spin here. We’ll just talk about the statue with the mask on – which looks pretty cool.

First we’re going to start from the bottom here. The base is really, really cool. I do like it. It’s a plastic base – just like the other ones. The difference is the symbol of Deadpool. If you’ve seen the comic books, this is what pretty much a lot of his symbols are. It’s just the two eyes and then the mask, and that’s pretty much it. That is pretty cool. I like that. Next up is her costume. It’s pretty simple. It’s just a black and red in the middle there. It’s very simplistic costume [chuckles]. It’s something if you played DC Universe, you’ll see that, and it just looks like something that they call– this is called cross something, or something like that. It’s a simple costume. Next up is the belt here, which is actually pretty cool. You can see it look like a little bit like batman’s utility belt. It does have a little cool Deadpool sign symbol in the middle here, which is all silver. Then next we have a look at the swords on the back here. They look pretty cool, so they’re just plasticy swords. I don’t know if you can take them off or not. They are plastic, so they kind of do move a little bit.

Next is pretty cool, which is actually the holsters that you could see on her sword there, that holds the sword together and then we go up here to the mask. The mask looks a little bit different. From a angle it looks weird. It looks like her forehead is a little bit wider than usual. She doesn’t have the weird eyes like what Deadpool usually has, the wide white eyes. That would be pretty cool to have that. But like I said, I know nothing about a Lady Deadpool. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Maybe she’s a badass and that’s pretty much it. Then we got, of course, her hands coming out like this. Her form is really cool. I like how the way she stand for her feet coming out like that. Then she’s sideway like this. Pretty cool stuff there. We have her hair kind of curling up. I will probably keep it like this. The hair to me looks freaking fantastic. Other than that, very simple figure. Nothing too different about it. Mostly a lot of these comic book characters are usually pretty simple to do, so maybe that’s why they do a lot of these statues.

Like I said, awesome stuff all the way around. Cool accessories which she comes with. Like I said, this, her little face mask here. Then of course her head. Then of course glasses, the grenade. So pretty awesome accessories. Other then that everything else still looks pretty cool. To me, it’s probably like an eight out of ten. To me it just doesn’t really stand out that much. The colors itself, to me, doesn’t look that great. It’s a very matte-looking color. I wish it had gave more of a shine color to it. I like a lot of like what we see from DC Collectibles. I would like to see a little more shine to the red maybe. The coolest part to me is the hair [chuckles]. In my past videos I’ll talk a lot about the hair of the characters. To me, that’s pretty cool that they went with the solid colors. It looks like they’re hopefully– fans been petitioning about there, or talking, giving them a little bit of crap about that. Hopefully the next few figures that come out, they stay that way. Because I don’t really the clear hair that we know. At the tip of the hair, it kind of clears out.

Everything else, to me, looks good. There’s really no flaws in there. It just looks very– the only thing I can see is a very simple pose and that’s pretty much it. Nothing too different. It’s still a really good figure all the way around. The Kotobukiya usually does really good stuff. To me, like I said, post, simplistic, awesome base there. It’s a little light on the side, but it’s a Deadpool looking base. I like the accessories that come with her, like this, and she still looks pretty cool so other than that, eight out of ten, still an awesome figure. I suggest you go buy it, if you’re a collector of the Kotobukiya stuff. Go out and and buy it. It’s still pretty cool and you would actually have to import it from Japan. It just came out recently. Anyways, hopefully you guys enjoyed my video. Hopefully you guys come back next time when I do some more statues and figure unboxing. This is Omegabalmung, peace out.

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