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[Pop Culture Shock] Reptile Statue

From the popular video game franchise Mortal Kombat comes the Mortal Kombat Klassic Reptile Statue by Pop Culture Shock.

The Reptile Statue is 1/3 scale and stands approximately 28 inches tall. It is designed to perfectly compliment the previously released Scorpion and Sub-Zero statues.

The statue features 3 portraits – Human Masked, Unmasked Reptile and Unmasked Skull portraits. Also included are 2 pairs of hands, clean hands and hands with acid drip, as well as a swappable right hand holding a mask.

The Reptile 1/3 Scale Statue retails for $749.99 and is strictly limited to 350 pieces. It will begin shipping in Q2 2017. Pre-orders begin March 28th at 3pm Pacific time.

[Pop Culture Shock] Reptile Statue

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