Batgirl Premium Format Figure Review

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Hey guys, what is up? Thanks for tuning in. We’re going to review Batgirl and we’re going to find out: does it suck, is it good, is it amazing? Let’s find out.


Right, so here’s a shot off the box. As you can see here there’s no padding around Batgirl. Although it may not really affect the statue– I mean stuff like this, this is why I really prefer they have little bit of foam inserts on the corners. It prevents it from being damaged, so is it really that much extra to put that around the box there? Anyway, I just wished Sideshow would start adding that. They have it on some pieces and then on other pieces they just don’t. So, I don’t know what that’s about, but we shall see. Hopefully, it’s still in good condition. So I got the box out, and here is the art on the box.

Now, I’m not too sure but the box does seem a bit dirty and there’s also dents on it, as you can see in this corner here. It sucks again. If Sideshow would just put a little foam insert on the side that would help prevent that, but. This is also like art to me, so it’s like why give that a chance of being destroyed? Again, a small critique. And yes, I am critiquing the box [chuckles]. Why not, right? We pay all this money for this statue. I mean, give us nice little quality there. The artwork is very cool and the box looks very cool except that and there is the outside of the box. So before I put the cape on, I just wanted to give you a nice little shot of Batgirl without the cape on. And she looks beautiful.


Nice little rump there. So far the paint application looks really, really, really good. After messing with the cape for a long time, I finally have Batgirl set up the way I want it. There she is in her full glory. I got to say Sideshow did a great job of the statue. The portrait is amazing. Much better than the previous statues. The paint application is really done well. I love the purple and the blue. It works really, really well with each other. Overall, this is just a fantastic statue. I’m really happy I got it and love the gold, looks fantastic.

Here’s the base, looks beautiful. Great detail. It will work really well with the Harley Quinn and the Joker that I have, they have similar bases.


All right. It’s a fantastic statue and I’m actually going to take the flash off so you can see it without the flash. So the flash is off, and as you can see under just regular lighting, this actually looks black and gold now. Which is kind of cool. I don’t know if the camera is picking that up well.


But as you can see with a little bit darker lighting, the statue becomes black and gold, which is kind of cool.


Look at that. I’m loving this! Anyway, this is definitely a must-buy if you’re a fan. I’m going to set it up in the besta now.


All right, I have Batgirl in the besta, and OMG. That’s right, I said OMG. This
is a masterpiece. Look at this. This is my trio. I love it. Man, they look fantastic together. Look at the detail. So I’m definitely going to keep these three together. Good job. He’s very happy. Right Harley? Oh, yeah. Look at that. It’s fantastic. Those are my three DC statues, looking amazing. I hope I’m not overly zooming, but man, I’m just– I don’t even know what angle to look at. I’m just really happy. Anyway, forgive me for just kind of blabbing here. She’s a great buy. I definitely recommend Batgirl. Her keep is a little bit frustrating but in the end, you’ll find something you like as far as the way you’re putting it. I have the regular version. She is awesome. Look at that.


All right. So thanks again for watching my video. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, leave a comment. Let me know what you think. And let me know if you’re getting a statue or if you have it in your collection. All right, guys, thanks for watching.


via Dennis Mangual

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