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[-KanColle-] Yuudachi Kai Ni Figure by Good Smile Company

From the popular browser game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-] comes the Yuudachi Kai Ni PVC Figure by Good Smile Company.

The Yuudachi Kai Ni figure is 1/8 scale and stands approximately 22 cm tall. She’s featured in a very dynamic pose and it is based on an original illustration by kujouitiso specially drawn for the figure.

The translucent fire effects that swirl around her are gorgeous and the ship parts attached to her back are intricately detailed. The turrets on her legs features joints allowing you to tweak the positioning of them to your liking. She, also, displays perfectly with the Shigure Kai Ni figure.

The Yuudachi Kai Ni figure retails for ¥15,556 and will release in October, 2016.

Click here to order!

[-KanColle-] Yuudachi Kai Ni Figure by Good Smile Company 1

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