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[Review] Michelangelo Statue by Good Smile Company

I own all four TMNT Statues by Good Smile Company, but the Michelangelo statue is probably my favorite. If you are on the fence about picking one up, you shouldn’t be because it does not disappoint. But don’t just take it from me, take it from Youtube user chesypoof who put together this stellar review which shows off just how awesome the Mikey statue is.

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Hey guys, Cheesy Poof here. We’re going to be showing off another one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Good Smile statues. Here’s Michelangelo. So you can check out Mikey in the box and all its awesome little glory there. How gorgeous the art looks. So slick. This is the non-scale painted figure Michelangelo sculpted by Keiji Iwakura, art work by James Jean. There’s the original art that it’s all based on, and basically you can end up making all four of them look that way. And then, the rest of the sides there. So just a little bit of the art, and then the way they look when they’re all together. So on the back, boom, there’s everybody.

I’m going to go ahead and pull it open here, and see how it looks. So first off, you can end up seeing the instruction manual, and it looks like Mikey come in four parts. So Mikey, his nunchuck, the little extra piece that goes to the base, and you can open up his hands to put the nunchucks in. So just in the box itself, you can see how everything looks. We’ll go ahead and bring it out, so you can see a little bit more in detail before we put it together.

First off, you’ve got the base there by common logo stuff made in China. The amazing crack-destroyed tile, all the places. You can see where his feet are going to go. Looks really nice with the different pipes and stuff. We got the extra destroyed wires, and what not. The little springs, wires, all cut, everything. There’s Mikey’s nunchucks. You can see it kind of looks like clothed wrapped around which is actually pretty cool, and the different chain that goes all the way around,so super nice details actually.

Then, of course, Mikey himself. First and foremost, you can see how bad-ass he looks. All the attention to detail right there. Look how crazy that is. You can see he’s got the giant bandana on, with the bright orange, of course. He’s got the elbow pads, the wrist pads, all sorts of little mixtures for the knuckles and wrapped around bandages in between. He’s got his shell right there. He has an orange belt. Then you can see the other nunchuck is actually put up on him. He’s even got the chain there in between. That one’s not going to come out the belt, I don’t think. That’s a nice little addition to make it look like it’s there. There’s the rest of his shell. You can see all the cuts, the scrapes, all that fun stuff that’s on there. It looks really really cool. The rest of his legs. He’s got his kneecap pads on in between the rest of the bandages, his little two toes on both sides, and just how flawless he looks. He looks super cool.

I am going to go ahead and put it together just so you guys can see it up close. Oh man, look how pretty that looks, guys. That is so sick. Trying to bring you a little bit more into the lighting just so you can actually see the details. I know it’s hard. It doesn’t matter how great the lighting looks, they always look a little bit darker on the cameras. He looks so slick on his little stand like that. There’s Mikey. You can see the chains moving there. The other one is actually in between up on the arms like that. That incredible detail. That thing looks gorgeous. I cannot wait to have all of these guys displayed though. They’re going to look so amazing next to each other.

So there’s two of the four turtles. I know what you guys are thinking of, this awesome sculpt. Even just the paint job is perfect, in my opinion, but that’s just me. With that being said, that’s it for this time. I hope you guys enjoyed, and I’ll see you later.

via chesypoof

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