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Ghost Rider Statue by XM Studios

From the popular Marvel comic ‘Ghost Rider’ comes the Ghost Rider 1/4 Scale Statue by XM Studios.

Update 4/8/16: The highly anticipated Ghost Rider 1/4 Scale Statue is complete and looks bada$$.

Ghost Rider Statue by XM Studios

The Ghost Rider statue will be limited to 999 pieces and retails for SGD990 (approximately $733.99) . Pre-orders start April 15th, 2016.

Unfortunately, as with most XM Studios statues, licensing conditions prohibit where they can ship. The Ghost Rider statue is retricted to shipping to South East Asia countries, China, Hong Kong and Macau. I’m bummed I can’t get my hands on one.

Update 3/6/16: XM Studios released some more progress and fire test effects pics of their Ghost Rider 1/4 scale statue. It looks like they are really trying to nail down the color of the flames. They tested more yellow flames, which are closer to the comic book look, and they tested more red flames to make it look more fiery. Personally, I like the yellow flames, but what do you think? Which flames do you like?

Update 2/27/16: XM has been making some progress on their Ghost Rider statue. They showed off a bunch of new pics of the paint job. Bear in mind, this is extremely early in the painting process. It is bound to change, but these pics give you a rough idea of the direction they are headed in with this statue. Check ’em out.

XM Studios showed off a picture of the head of their upcoming Ghost Rider statue, which will indeed be 1/4 scale.

Ghost Rider Statue by XM Studios

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