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Colossus Titan Statue Review [Attack on Titan]

For those of you not aware, last year Good Smile Company started a new line of statues and anime figures called ‘Wonderful Hobby Selection’. The goal of this particular collection is to create top-notch statues and figures which are higher quality than their other mass-produced collectibles. This means a greater attention to detail and in some cases, like the Colossus Titan or Guts statue, a very limited production run.

The Colossus Titan: Takayuki Takeya Ver. statue was the first in Good Smile Company’s ‘Wonderful Hobby Selection’ collection. It was available for pre-order back between August 28th, 2014 and September 24th, 2014 and started shipping on April 21st, 2015. It had an original purchase price of ¥64,815 and was limited to 500 pieces.


The Colossus Titan statue came in a box, in a box, in a box. Yes, three boxes! The first box, not shown here, was the main shipping box. After opening it, I was greeted with this box.

Colossus Titan Statue Shipping Box

On the side of the box, you can see all the logos for Attack on Titan, GSC, and Wonderful Hobby Selection as well as the name of the statue.

Colossus Titan Statue Side of Shipping Box

Upon opening this box, the anticipation starts to build as the main box the Colossus Titan is contained within peaks through a single thin layer of tissue paper. Each corner is protected by a styrofoam insert.

Colossus Titan Box begins to show

After removing the tissue paper and styrofoam inserts, the main box is now fully visible. This is definitely one of the best statue boxes I’ve ever encountered. The attention to detail on all the packaging really makes me feel like I got my money’s worth.

Each corner of the box is reinforced with a tougher plastic material and gold lettering adorns the top and sides of the box.

Colossus Titan Statue Box

Colossus Titan Statue Box

Intricate, gold illustrations surround the statue name.

Colossus Titan Statue Box

The same illustration on the top is, also, on two sides of the box.

Colossus Titan Statue Box Side

On the other two sides of the box, there’s gold logos for the 104th Trainees Squad, Survey Corps, Military Police Brigade, and Garrison, with the words “If we don’t fight, we can’t win.” written underneath.

Colossus Titan Statue Box Side

After taking the top of the box off, I was once again impressed by the care and attention to detail.

First, I’ve never seen styrofoam packaging not only sealed with tape, but with a velcro strap around it for added security. That’s above and beyond what I’ve seen any company do to ensure your statue arrives in one piece.

Second, Good Smile Company actually molded the outside of the protective styrofoam to look like the Wall Rose from Attack on Titan. Once again, I’ve not encountered one company that’s put this much thought and detail into their protective packaging. Really cool!

Colossus TItan Statue Box Foam Protection

Colossus TItan Statue Box Foam Protection

Inside every Colossus Titan statue box is a high quality paper insert which details the creation of the statue. This is the front of it. The same gold illustration from the top of the box is on the front of the insert.

Colossus Titan Statue Box Insert Front

Here’s the back of the paper insert. It contains sketches and illustrations that Takayuki Takeya used to design his version of the Colossus Titan.

Colossus Titan Statue Box Insert Back

And here’s the inside of the insert. It contains a lengthy essay discussing Takayuki Takeya’s thought process during the creation of the statue. At one point, he even questioned whether GSC would be able to produce a statue this detailed for a price point that people would buy it at. It’s a really cool essay and definitely made me appreciate how much effort went into creating the Colossus Titan statue.

Colossus Titan Statue Box Insert Inside

Finally, after much anticipation, I crack open the styrofoam and got my first glimpse at the Colossus Titan statue.

It comes disassembled and in three pieces – the main body with base, and each arm.

Colossus Titan Statue

I pulled out and unwrapped the body of the statue. On the bottom of the base is where the numbering is located. I received number 201/500.

Colossus Titan Statue serial number

The quality of the sculpt was the first thing that struck me as I pulled the body out of the box.

Colossus Titan Statue

The arms are held in place by magnets located in each shoulder socket.

Colossus Titan Statue

Colossus Titan Statue

Colossus Titan Statue

And here’s the finished product after attaching the arms.

Colossus Titan Statue by Good Smile Company

So there you have the Colossus Titan statue unboxing. It was definitely one of the better unxboxing experiences, if not the best, that I’ve been through. The details each step of the way were impressive and made actually getting to the statue that much more rewarding.

Now onto the review.


I’m going to start with the base and work my way up.

The base is fairly solid. Takayuki Takeya did a good job of capturing the texture of the wall. I think he also did a good job capturing the power of the titan using its legs to crash through the wall.

However, I do have one gripe with the base. I think it is a little narrow for how top heavy the statue is. I don’t feel like it would take much to accidentally tip this statue over which would, obviously, lead to disastrous results.

Colossus Titan Statue Base Front Side

Colossus Titan Statue Base Right Side

Colossus Titan Statue Base Back Side

Colossus Titan Statue Base Left Side

Next, up is the body. This is where the statue really starts to shine. The amount of detail is impressive. One of my main concerns was that the detail from the prototype wouldn’t translate to the finished product. Boy, was I wrong. All the striations and muscle detail are on full display. And the paint job really defines each and every muscle fiber.

Colossus Titan Statue Midsection

Colossus Titan Statue Back Side

There’s even veins!

Colossus Titan Statue Right Side Body

And so much detail on the hands.

Colossus Titan Statue Right Hand

Colossus Titan Statue Right Hand

Now, as much as I love this statue, it’s not perfect. Here’s my one and only problem with the body. The arms do not fit snug into place. They aren’t loose and don’t feel like they’ll fall out, but, when connected, they aren’t seamless with the body.

Take a look at the next two pictures and you’ll see that there’s a noticeable seam at each shoulder where both arms connect.

Colossus Titan Statue Right Deltoid

Due to the angle that I took this picture, it’s not as visible. But look towards the upper left corner of the picture and you’ll see the seam.

Colossus Titan Statue Left Deltoid

For the average person that might see this statue from afar, they probably won’t notice it. It’ll blend in with all the other muscle striations.

However, for the collector, you’ll definitely notice it and it might drive you a little mad because every time you inspect your statue, you’ll think of that seam.

And finally, the head. I, personally, can’t think of anything I’d change about the head. No detail was spared and I’ve no complaints.

Colossus Titan Statue Head

Colossus Titan Statue Head

Colossus Titan Statue Head

Finally, here’s some more pictures, so you can see the full statue from multiple angles.

Colossus Titan Statue

Colossus Titan Statue

Colossus Titan Statue

Colossus Titan Statue

Colossus Titan Statue

Colossus Titan Statue

Colossus Titan Statue

Colossus Titan Statue


Since this was Good Smile Company’s first foray into creating a statue of this caliber, I was definitely concerned. However, upon receiving and displaying it, I have nothing, but great things to say about it. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another statue like this from GSC.

Sure I had a couple of minor gripes with the base and the shoulder seams, but overall, the Colossus Titan statue is a great statue worthy to sit upon any collector’s shelves. The amount of detail and thought that Takayuki Takeya put into the prototype was awesome and for Good Smile Company to carry all that detail over into mass production was equally impressive.

It’s pieces like this that make statue and figure collecting so much fun. If you can get your hands on one, don’t hesitate to buy it.

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